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OptoOrg: Redefining Contact Lens Storage

Updated: May 14

Contact lens storage

If you wear contacts every day, you know how annoying it can be to use the manufacturer’s boxes as permanent storage solutions. The boxes are bulky,take up a lot of room, and just really aren’t attractive.

So, what are your other options if you want to store your lenses? Well, you can dump all of them into a drawer or use a tray as an attempt to organize.

But who wants to do that? Plus, if you have multiple pairs of lenses, there just isn't enough space in a typical drawer for all of them. And if your bathroom drawer is full of contact lenses, where are you going to put all the rest of your bathroom things?

Great news: A new solution has been developed for contact lens storage – It's called OptoOrg!

The great thing about Opto Org’s DailyLens Contact Lens Dispenser is that it can store up to six weeks of lenses AND allows for easy-tear off of the lens you need that day.

So not only are the contact lenses safe and out of the way, they’re also still easily accessible.

As a contact lens user and a lover of all things organized, one of the most exciting things about it is you can hang it on the wall for more space in your room or counter. The dispenser currently comes in white and black with the goal being to blend in with the other bathroom decor.

OptoOrg is set to redefine what it means to store daily lenses. Our product provides a safe, secure, and effective way to manage your contact lens storage needs. With our new product, daily contacts can be stored effectively and in style. So go ahead, get organized, and see the world like you never did before!

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