Meet the Founder

A graphic designer, business analyst, MBA, and "lazy" organizer, Elizabeth Hunt invented the DailyLens to be as easy as humanely possible. Starting with a ruler and pencil, sketching out dimensions and concepts, she doubled down and grew the company OptoOrg is today. Elizabeth has worn contacts for over a decade and wears them as her primary vision correction as the lack of peripheral vision in her glasses drives her insane. She knows firsthand how skewed the vision industry is toward glasses accessories and making glasses more "fun". Her goal is to make contacts, especially daily disposable contacts, equally enjoyable.

About OptoOrg

OptoOrg is the ultimate site for daily contact lens organization. 47 million people wear contact lenses in the US but there weren't any good solutions for storage or organization! Until now:

At 25 years old, Elizabeth Hunt founded OptoOrg to solve the lack of storage in the daily contact lens world. When asked about her inspiration for the company, Elizabeth, a daily contact lens user for 15 years said, “There are storage solutions for everything else in the world, why is there not a good one for my contacts? I searched all over the internet and could not find what I wanted, namely, something that doesn't require me to tear apart the contact rows to load." In response to the struggle, Elizabeth founded OptoOrg in 2021 and launched the DailyLens Contact Lens Organizer & Dispenser. OptoOrg will keep expanding until all feasible daily contact lens accessories have been invented and delivered to those who need them.

OptoOrg donates 5% of all profits to OneSight & GivingSight, non-profits organization dedicated to increasing vision care accessibility, as well as SightSavers America, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring children get the eye care they need.

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