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About OptoOrg

Making life easier with DailyLens

Experience the Daily Lens revolution: Elizabeth Hunt designed the DailyLens a clutter-busting marvel designed for daily contact lens users. Once our cutting-edge system is installed in your bathroom or changing area, you will emanate clutter and stay organized and have a more  zen morning routine.  The Daily Contact Lens dispenser allows you to tear off one lens at a time effortlessly and gives you the flexibility to accommodate different prescriptions for each eye if necessary.  Our daily contact lens organizer ensures seamless organization, complemented by the best contact lens cases and a vertical contact lens case holder. Embrace clutter-free living and eliminate the messy chaos and stay effortlessly organized with our innovative solution for daily soft contact lenses.

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OptoOrg Team

Solving Non Medical Contact Lens Care Barriers

Our team is fully dedicated to figuring out what barriers exist in your daily life that prevent you from fully listening to your doctors recommendations in type of contact lens is best for you and proper care for that type of contact lens. No barrier is too small or too big, we will tackle them all, one at a time so living your contact lens life is EASY.

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