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Contact Lens Care

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Are you a part of the 45 million people in the U.S. who wear contact lenses? If you are, then

you know how contact lens care is important to ensure that your eyes stay healthy and

comfortable. Whether you wear a pair for convenience or practicality, it is important to know

exactly how to take care of your contact lenses.

1. Only Touch With Clean Hands

Do not let dirt, bacteria, and germs get into your eyes by handling your contact lenses with

dirty hands. Make sure the hand soap you use is free of oils and lotions that can leave a film on your hands which can be deposited into your contact lenses.

Using Daily Lenses instead of bi-weekly or monthly lenses can help cut down on residue retained on the lenses and lead to better eye health.

2. Use Proper Care Products

Various contact lenses need special care products for you to keep them safe for the eyes.

Your optometrist will let you know what certain products should be used and what products

are not safe for you and your lenses. For instance, RGP (hard) lenses require different care than monthly soft lenses which require different care from daily lenses. In many cases

3. Use Proper Cleaning Methods

Contact lenses have to be disinfected after every use. According to the American Academy

of Ophthalmology, even if your contact lens solution is a “no-rub” type, you should still use

the “rub and rinse" method with your fingers to ensure your contact lenses are clean.

Before soaking them, rinse them with a solution, and never store your contact in water

(whether that is tap or sterile!) Most daily contacts do not require cleaning unless you drop them while trying to put them in.

4. Keep In a Proper Storage

Your contact lens solution is not only used to clean your contact lenses but also for your

case. Your contact case should be replaced every 3 months or immediately after it becomes


If you wear Daily Contacts, keep them in a place where they are easily accessible so you replace them every day. Keep them safe from being pierced by kids and pets by keeping them out of the way. OptoOrg’s contact lens dispenser allows you to put two different

prescriptions without any hassle and keeps the lenses easily accessible and out of the way. Get yours today from our shop!

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