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Buying a Daily Contact Lens Container

Updated: Mar 21

Whether you wear contact lenses on a daily basis or just once a month, you will want to have a good contact lens container. It is an easy way to store them. It can be used to keep them fresh and clean, and it can be stored in a convenient place.

contact lens container

Please remember that daily contact lens blister packs can be recycled. You can recycle all used contact lenses, empty blister packs, and correctly separated top foils. A daily contact lens organizer, which enables you to stack your daily lenses, is the best way to properly store your lenses at home. It is more convenient and can be placed in the location where you want to get your lenses. Long term storage containers for daily contact lenses are new. In 2022, OptoOrg launched the DailyLens. This device can be mounted on your bathroom wall by the sink that you use to wash your face, brush your teeth and put in your daily contact lenses. Our contact lens container comes in two colors: black and white.You can also store rows of your dailies in the device as you are using up the strips on the sides. As a companion to the DailyLens, you can also purchase the Recyclens to practice sustainability with your blister packs, contacts and more. Using this Contact Lens Storage Idea will declutter your bathroom counter space and make getting ready stress free.

Using a great contact lens storage innovation like DailyLens is great, however you need to make sure that you are careful about handling your contact lenses. If you handle your lenses without washing your hands, you can contaminate them. This can lead to an infection or irritation of the eyes. This is why it's important to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and then dry them before handling your daily lenses to put in your eyes. You can also get eye infections if you do not wash your face effectively and consistently.

Contact lens solutions are only necessary if you drop your daily contact lens on the floor. You need to clean the lens thoroughly with contact lens solutions before putting it back in your eye. You should only use a brand of contact lens solution that is recommended by your eye doctor. You also want to make sure that your contact lens, face, and eyes do not get contaminated during this process. If you have questions about this, you can consult the package insert or talk to your optometrist.

Science Daily and the American Chemical Society estimate that 15-20% of contact lens wearers flush their lenses down the sink or toilet resulting in 6-10 metric tons of plastic lenses in the wastewater. We all impact the environment, and your contact lens waste does not have to go in a landfill or water system. The OptoOrg Recyclens is a great way to prevent more damage to the environment by collecting the blister packs and lenses in your Recyclens and then recycling them with the One by One Recycling Program by Bausch and Lomb.

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