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As Myopia Rates Increase so too does the Need to Store Daily Contact Lenses

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Technology advancements have proven to be excellent in many ways, but with vision it is a double-edged sword. As we spend more time on electronic devices, the number of those who suffer from near-sightedness (myopia) increases, but so too does our ability to treat them.

According to a recent article from Invision Magazine, myopia currently affects 1 in 3 children, and up to half of the world will be affected by myopia by 2050.

How can OptoOrg help? According to several blogs (a site made by Drs Paul and Kate Gifford to help parents navigate Myopia management), daily contact lenses are the safest option for myopia correction and management in children. And according to both articles, there are now two specially designed MF SCLs approved for myopia management: CooperVision MiSight 1 Day and VTi NaturalVue Multifocal 1 Day. What do these have in common?

They are daily contact lenses. This means at any one time a contact lens user could have up to 730 daily contact lenses hanging around (a years supply for both eyes).

We’ve done our research and found that one of the biggest struggles for parents of children with myopia is getting their children to keep their contact lenses organized! Those adults who find themselves with limited bathroom space for any number of reasons also list this as one of their largest pet peeves.

OptoOrg’s DailyLens Daily Contact Lens Dispensers can’t solve myopia, but it can solve the persistent organization problem associated with daily contact lenses. No one should have to choose between a neat space and safety for their eyes. With OptoOrg’s daily contact lens dispensers, parents of children with myopia and adults with myopia themselves don’t have to make this choice. They can have safety *and* organization.

Why are daily lenses considered safer? One of the most common causes of eye infections for contact lens wearers is a lack of proper cleaning, or allergens and proteins building up on the lenses. With daily contact lenses, you do not have to clean them, since they are replaced every day and because they are replaced every day, allergens and proteins cannot build up on the lenses in large enough quantities to be of significant concern.

Why do people tend to avoid daily contact lenses if they have the option to choose another option? Because they can be a significant pain to keep organized and keep your bathroom neat, especially when used by kids and teens. No longer!

Get yourself one of our daily contact lens dispensers today and embrace safety and convenience as you navigate your or your child’s myopia journey.

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