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You need this if...

 * You get a new Lens Fit set and you just shove it the first place it fits.
* You consider your Lens Fit sets a chaotic or haphazard jumble that stresses you out to even think about fixing
* The disorganization costs you time & efficiency for patient throughput

What do we do?

We take the dimensions of every single fit set in your office and put it through a special computer program that finds the optimal way to arrange the fit sets such that they take up the least space possible. We can input specific conditions such as keeping certain brands together, optimal arrangement in pre-designated spaces, and limits on height and/or width.

What do you get?

A detailed diagram of your fit sets in the optimal configuration for the available office space and existing work flow. In upgraded packages, we will also come rearrange the fit sets into the optimal configuration for you.

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9650 Strickland Rd Ste 103-255
Raleigh, NC 27615

+1 (855) 952-6786

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